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7 Ways to Use Corporate Storytelling

Posted by Tim Lewis on 04.28.16

Video is the best way to show the personality of your organization. This “corporate storytelling” approach to video has a number of different types of videos for both internal and external use.

Here a seven great ways to use corporate storytelling for your organization:

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The Top 5 Overlooked Video Opportunities

Posted by Tim Lewis on 04.13.16

There are a few keys times and places where companies should not only consider creating a video but would be missing an opportunity if they didn’t. Here are the top five video opportunities that are often overlooked.

1. Company Meetings

Company meetings are a time to gather everyone together for the state of the business, make speeches and recognize team members. This is a perfect time to capture insights and excitement while recapping the strategy and vision. It’s also a good time to play videos to sum up new product offerings or review the past year.


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Make Your Customer the Hero of Your Story

Posted by Tim Lewis on 04.05.16

As video producers, we’re always helping clients develop the best approach to marketing their product or service. The latest trend we’re seeing in video marketing is the adoption of relevant marketing practices.

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How to Tell a Compelling Visual Story

Posted by Tim Lewis on 03.14.16

Every good visual story, like every good song or written piece has a hook or a technique to grab the viewer, reader or listener’s attention and keep it throughout. It’s what separates a mediocre story from a great story. Anyone can relate facts in a video, but how can we create a compelling visual story that people will actually like, share and watch again?

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Videos Are Like A Multi-Purpose Kitchen Knife

Posted by Todd Vaske on 01.26.16

I like to cook but one thing I despise is a cluttered kitchen. That’s why I don’t buy kitchen tools that have only one use. I don’t have a salad shooter because I have knives that can do that and so much more. I don’t have an orange peeler because, again, I have knives.

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